Volunteer Your Career

We want to thank you just for clicking on this page. Just being here, shows of your caring.

We are partnering with the Kind Kitchen to bring something groundbreaking to you and the greater Palm Beach community. Together, we are building a family out of a community.

For many years, our mission was to be there for our community in any way we can. But we have since realized that we are limited in our abilities. That’s where you come in. We noticed that as a Jewish community synagogue, we have a database of so many different people who while having many things in common, also have different careers and talents.

From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life. This is why we made the decision to put together a list of kind people like you who are willing to give of themselves, what they do best. Whether you are a doctor, plumber, hairstylist, lawyer, or just someone with a special talent, you can always share with others.

If you are willing to volunteer an hour a month, week, or year, fill out this short form to let us know what you do, how you would like to give, and how often. This way, when someone in our community calls us for help, we can promote your business while helping a brother/sister out.

P.S.if you don’t have a profession but have extra time on your hands to give someone a lift or help set up for a party, write that. It’s a major help.

No matter how much you were blessed with, you can always share with others.