Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur at JCS

Is it your first time at JCS for the Holidays? Here are some of the Basics?


  1. At JCS everyone is welcome. Tickets are encouraged for security purposes and it’s how we keep the AC nice and cold. If you do not have a ticket simply click here or call or txt the office at (561) 624-7004. No one will be turned away 


  1. If the parking lot is full you can park in the empty lot located behind the synagogue at 837 Westwind Dr, North Palm Beach, FL 33408 when parking along the street please be mindful of the neighbors and the people living around the Shul
  2. Enter the synagogue from the East side entrance under the canopy


  1. Throughout the services feel free to come and go as you please. 
  2. Make yourself comfortable wherever you would like. We do not have assigned seating. 
  3. When coming in and out of the Sanctuary please do so quietly. Don’t forget to leave your cell phone at home.
  4. In the back of the synagogue, there is coffee, soda, water, and snacks. At any time feel free to grab a snack or drink and go outside or downstairs.
  5. During the Holidays we do not use the regular blue Prayer book. Instead, we use the red Machzor. We will have them set out on the table when you walk in. Men are encouraged to bring their Tallis. If you do not have one, the synagogue will have one for you.
  6. During the Holidays we raffle off the honors to the highest bidder and the proceeds are given to charity
  7. Children’s Programs are downstairs.
  8. Children are welcome and encouraged to join the services upstairs 
  9. Scroll Below to see a detailed schedule.
Rosh Hashanah Schedule:
September 15, 2023:
6:45pm: Community Candle Lighting
7:00pm: Rosh Hashanah Service
7:30pm Jew Years Eve Party – Apple Dipping
September 16, 2023:
10:00am: Morning Services
11:00am: -1:00pm: Children’s Service
2:00pm: Rosh Hashanah Lunch
September 17, 2023:
10:00am: Morning Service
12:30PM: Shofar Blowing
2:00pm: Rosh Hashanah Lunch
Yom Kippur Schedule:
September 24, 2023:
6:45pm: Mincha
6:56pm: Candle Lighting/Fast begins
7:00pm: Meditation and Kol Nidrei
September 25, 2023:
10:00am: Morning Service
11:00am: 1:00pm Children’s Service
1:00pm: Meditation and Yizkor
2:30pm: Conclusion of Morning Service
6:30pm: Neilah
7:48pm: Shofar/Fast ends,
8:00pm: followed by some well-deserved refreshments
Available throughout Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur Services. JCA will provide holiday-appropriate crafts, games, and activities so you can properly enjoy the services.