Year in Review 2021

Our Year in Review 2021:


As we head into the year 2022, take a trip back with me to the incredible past year we have experienced together.

Over the course of 2021, JCS hit a milestone of over 10,000 people walking through our doors. Thousands of fresh meals were sent out from the Kind Kitchen, feeding many community members – some of whom may be your friends. We’ve prayed together for more than 500 services, made 207 at-home visits, and held 3 major Covid-19 vaccination events. We’ve hosted over 70 engaging and memorable community events and also took an unforgettable trip to New York together. It truly was a remarkable year.
Although these numbers may be large, it truly narrows down to one special light we have in our community. You. Thank you for bringing your unique qualities to our community and making a significant impact.
Heading into 2022, we have assembled a dynamic schedule of events focused on engaging all of our members. Look below for a tiny sneak peek of events that will kick off what will be our most incredible year.
We look forward to a year filled with even more memorable occasions spent together.
Rabbi Shlomo and Leib Ezagui