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If you live in the community, you know firsthand that our doors are open to all. For some, it’s a place to refuel, for others, it’s where their spiritual journey begins. It is a full service provider where any Jew – regardless of affiliation – can come both day and night, to learn, pray, join a special lecture or holiday meal. Whether it be daily, weekly, or around holiday times, the JCS anticipates the needs of the community and satisfies them. We have you covered!
Our doors are always open but our voluntary membership is how we keep it that way! Please consider becoming a member. It’s a group effort!

Founded over 31 years ago, Jewish Community Synagogue is one of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s (May his merit shield us) emissaries addressing the needs of the Palm beach Gardens, & northern Palm Beach County. Through our outreach efforts The Shul fosters close, personal ties with local Jewish residents, many of whom may never walk into a Shul or Jewsish program. We are staffed by an exceptional team of Shluchim, Shluchos, educational proffesionals and administrators under the direction of Rabbi Shlomo & Rebbetzin Chani Ezagui with their children, Rabbi Leib Ezagui and Chaya Mushka Ezagui.

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